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Main Street Minute — Bowfish Studios

This week on #MainStreetMinute Nina Contento turns into a unicorn at Bowfish Studios and finds out how the artists are giving back to the community. Watch:

Posted by SNJ Today on Monday, July 9, 2018

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“Have you or your little one ever wondered what it’s like to be a mermaid? Imagine swimming around in a colorful tail, braiding hair, and meeting other mermaid friends. Bowfish Studios is making this dream a reality this summer with Mermaid Camp!

Bowfish Studios began transforming little guys and girls into mermaids and mermen through special makeovers in their store just two years ago. After the great success the business had braiding hair, doing mermaid makeup and nails, and providing fun photoshoots, co-founders McKenna Roble and Caitlin Quirk took becoming a mermaid to a whole new level with Mermaid Camp.

“Originally, we started with just mermaids, and it just took off automatically, because who doesn’t love mermaids by the shore?” said McKenna.”


“Paddleboarding, surfing and jet skiing may be fun. They may be exciting. But they aren’t a match for well – the unusualness – that comes with this water sport. It involves a tail.

Mermaid Boot Camp, a concept created by McKenna Robel and Caitlin Quirk, co-founders of Bowfish Studios, 956 Asbury Ave. in Ocean City, gives children a four-day excursion into the world of make believe.

There are hair-braiding sessions, glittery makeovers and also some serious instruction about how to swim while wearing a long, shiny tail.

On top of it all, the Mermaid Boot Camp is being offered at OC Waterpark. It began this week and sessions run through August.”


…”During her time on the boardwalk, Quirk studied how people liked to spend their money. “We all know the whole Millennials thing that they like to spend more money on experiences than product, but I can tell you in a tourist town that’s even more heightened,” she says. “They’re on vacation and spending at least $200 on amusement ride tickets but would hem and haw over a $40 dress, which is what got me thinking about my own business.”

The boutique owner imagined that if she found a way to turn little girls into mermaids, her business would excel. She kept the idea in mind while searching for a new space, leaving room for the vision that ultimately became known as Bowfish Studios in the summer of 2017.  “Last year was basically my proof-of-concept year,” Quirk says, noting that she geared up in 2016 by hosting events, featuring kids on their blog and holding holiday-themed parties to get more acquainted with the community. “The success with our community outreach gave me the confidence to run with my bigger idea in 2017,” she says.”