Embrace your inner Rapunzel with our extension braid!

Individual strands of hair will be braided into your hair using professional techniques


Add onto any makeover for $15 (must call in advance)

You will have a choice of color selection upon arrival

What hairstyle can I get this in?

We are able to braid in the extension hair using any dutch (inside out) braid!

This can include our signature, 2 dutch into one french, 2 dutch braids, an “Elsa” braid, 1 dutch braid, etc.

How long will the braid last?

However long your normal braids last in your hair! Usually, this is for 1-day use but people do sleep in them & do touch up switch hair spray in the morning.

Is my real hair long enough?

If you are able to get french or dutch braids in your hair normally, then we will be able to braid our extension braid hair in!

Shorter hair may be limited to the 2 dutch braid style