Party Checklist

Get excited, your party is coming up! In preparation, here are some reminders along with a handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything the day of.

You will be charged after your party for additional guests or upgrades.



Servingware & Eating

– Food & Beverages
– Plates
– Napkins
– Cups
– Utensils
– Cake Knife


– Banner
– Balloons
– Party Favors
– Cake Stand
– Candles & Lighter


– Phone/Camera (charged!)
– CC/Cash for any additional payments
– Cash for Stylist Gratuity (*Our stylists are always happy to receive any gratuity, but in general, people leave anywhere from a $20-$25 tip per stylist.*) Our parties generally have 2 stylists


Q: When should I have the pizza delivered? * A: The food portion of the party will take place 30-45 minutes into the party depending on the number of guests. *

Q: Will there be space for when I bring food and decorations? *A: Yes, we will set up 1-2 tables and table clothes specifically designated for any food, drinks, and decorations you choose to bring. *

Q: Where do we park? *A: Street parking is available on and surrounding Asbury Avenue. If you have trouble finding a spot, there is a large parking lot located 1 block away at the Bus Station on 9th and West. *

We are very excited to host your event and can’t wait to see all of the pictures to come 🙂

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by responding back to this email, or by calling (609) 938-1901