$3 / strand

must be installed in quantities of 5 strands

Add some sparkle to your look with our silk hair sparkles!

How are ours different than hair tinsel?

Unlike hair tinsel which is 100% plastic, our Silk Hair Sparkles are soft, flexible, and lightweight, so they take on the personality of any hair shape! They are not only better for your hair but they are better for the environment too!

How long do the sparkles last?

There are no beads, glues, or loops to avoid with our installation method, as each individual thread is tied securely to a single strand of your hair and will last until you naturally shed that hair.

They can last anywhere from one day to a few months depending on your hair type!

Can I use styling tools afterwards?

YES! The sparkles can withstand the highest heat from your hair tools such as curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers. They also survive hair coloring, color lifting, and other chemical treatments!

Is there an age limit?

Absolutely not! We started offering this service for our grown-ups out there that still like to show their sparkle!

This service is for ages 3+

Colors Available: