In September of 2019, Bowfish launched sustainability goals for our business. 


1. We will stop using micro-plastics,
2. We will limit our C02 footprint
3. We will focus on carrying sustainable brands.
4. We will become a NJ-certified sustainable business.
5. We will support local + global climate action campaigns.

single use applicators

What is our salon doing to help? 

The Glitter

Bio Glitter is beautifully-colored, finely-cut pieces of cellulose, which are made from a variety of sustainably grown, GMO-free plants with minimal environmental impact.
While currently, no glitter is 100% biodegradable, Bio Glitter is 92% biodegradable and committed to being an earth-friendly choice. 

The problem:

our solution:

Most glitter is composed of microplastics that can find their way into rivers and oceans, taking many years to degrade. Microplastics are extremely harmful to our ocean and aquatic life

Starting April 2021:
we now only use BIODEGRADABLE glitter

By switching our applicators, we now are disposing of cotton swabs with paper sticks. Both of which are completely biodegradable in the elements.

The problem:

our solution:

To eliminate cross contamination between customers, single use applicators are sometimes necessary in the salon industry. Our applicators were made of a Latex-Free Polyurethane Foam with a Polystyrene plastic stick. Although the stick was recyclable, it was not biodegradable

Starting july 2021:
we now only use BIODEGRADABLE swabs

Goodie Bags

Our "Plantastic goodie bags" include everything needed to grow wildflowers at home! Clay pot, soil disk, wildflower seeds,reusable jute tote, & instructional card printed on recycled paper

The problem:

our solution:

Goodie bags are always a popular addition we see at our parties. Often filled with plastic & wasteful trinkets, we saw a window of opportunity to offer our customers an eco friendly solution

Starting April 2022:
we now only sell 100%
ECO-FRIENDLY goodie bags