What is an Imagination Stylist?

Imagination Stylists are what we call our fully trained stylists in our studio!

In order to earn this title, our stylist must go through a full multi-day training where they learn about our makeovers, parties, events, and stylist etiquette.

Fun Fact:

During this training process, our stylists are refered to as “Imagination Helpers”. As they pass training checkmarks, they earn charms to place on their name tags. Each charm represents a makeover they completed training for. For example, if a stylists has a mermaid charm, they have completely passed their Mermaid Training. We find that this is not only a fun way to reward our sylists but it is also a great conversation starter for the kids as well! Feel free to ask your stylist about their charms next time you visit us!

Once our stylists recieve all of their charms, they graduate to the title of “Imagination Stylist”!



Since 2017

My favorite part of being a stylist is seeing the smiles on the kids faces after I finish the makeover.

Knowing that I helped create a memorable moment for them and their family is everything


Since 2018


Since 2018

I love how magical it is to be an Imagination Stylist.

Everyday brings a new smile and joy to each child, whitch is a rare oppurtunity that I am so lucky to be apart of


Since 2018


Since 2018


Since 2019

My favorite part of my job is how it changes everyday, I get to transform a different child every time and see the joy on their faces.

Being able to make dreams come true is the best part!