Meet the Founders

Caitlin Quirk & McKenna Robel

Our Story

Established in 2017, Bowfish Studios was created in addition to our existing retail store, Bowfish Kids, which opened in 2013.

(The Bowfish Kids story is right here!!)

The same year that Bowfish Kids opened, our owner, Caitlin Quirk, began developing the concept of transforming little girls into mermaids during their summer vacations in Ocean City, New Jersey. After several years of refining the Bowfish brand and preparing to launch a completely unique concept, McKenna Robel, a local native to Ocean City, joined the team as co-founder & began helping bring the vision of Bowfish Studios to life. Caitlin & McKenna worked together to turn 400 square feet of retail space into a place like no other on the Jersey Shore.

Inspired by Bowfish Kids’ young customers’ imaginations, Bowfish Studios is where mermaids, unicorns, fairies, dragons & sharks come to life through unique, interactive expereices! Customers can enjoy our experiences through individual appointments or private birthday parties. In addition to our in-person experiences, we’ve created a product line, at-home makeover boxes, and also have expanded to offering mermaid swim lessons during our summer camps!

In 2019, Bowfish Studios made a commitment to becoming a sustainable business by eliminating plastic waste and microplastics from our experiences. We are proud to announce as of 2021, Bowfish Studios will only use biodegradable glitter and are working to completely remove microplastics from our supplies.

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