Status of Services:

Salon Makeovers

Open with Limitations:

  • Maximum of 2 Children at a time
  • Maximum of 2 Guardians
  • Dependent children must stay in the stroller at all times

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Now booking in-studio events!

  • Maximum 2 children
  • 1 guardian per child
  • Socially distant princess

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Now booking risk-free!

  • Maximum of 6 kids
  • No more than 2 adults at all times
  • 2-hour buffer between parties for proper sanitization

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2020 Camps have concluded.

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What to Expect:


Hand Sanitizer will be provided

Temperatures will be taken (anyone with 100.4F+ will not be permitted to enter the building)

A COVID Wavier must be filled out at arrival

Guardian(s) will be asked to wait behind rope throughout services


All appointments are PRIVATE experiences! It’s only you & our staff

Imagination Stylists wear double mask protection (cloth & plastic shield)

All styling equipment is sanitized between appointments (We are Barbicide Covid19 Certified!)

Our Air Ducts are equipped with UVC Light Sanitizing Technology

All makeup applicators are single-use



I have 3 kids! What do I do?

Although we ask that you please keep your group at 2 appointments, we know that this can be hard. If you have a 3rd child, they can be sitting with you in the waiting room & be seated after the first 2 are complete.

To limit occupancy, we only have 1 stylist working so please be understanding about longer appointment times.

To book for 3 with no time gaps, give us a call at (609)938-1901 ex 2

How many people can come to the appointment?

Maximum 2 guardians per group at all times.

To maintain consistent occupancies, we ask that all group members do not walk around our store during your appointment. You may shop before or after.

1 appointment = max 3 people (child + up to 2 guardians)

2 appointments = max 4 people (2 children + up to 2 guardians)

3 appointments = max 5 people (3 children + up to 2 guardians)

Refer to guidelines above.

Can i shop during the appointment?

Our store offers private shopping to those who do not feel comfortable in a store with strangers. Please be mindful that your appointments may take place during these private shopping times.

To maintain consistent occupancies in the store, we ask that all group members do not walk around our store during your appointment. You may shop before or after.

What happens if I have to cancel my party?

At the time of booking a party with us, a $100 deposit is required.

You and our staff’s safety is our biggest priority and we understand during this time that sometime’s it is safest just to cancel. Refunds will be given on a case basis

Please contact your party coordinator if you believe you may need to cancel your party

Do you still have questions or concerns?

No problem! Please contact us by emailing or by calling (609)938-1901